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  • Beautiful Labia - Tumblr
    Big Labias are natural and beautiful. The aim of this blog is to show that. Submissions are welcome please send them too, if you feel self ...
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  • Beautiful Labia - Tumblr
    This blog contains adult content. If you are not 18+ please leave. My addiction to ladies with beautiful, larger or simply just exciting labia minora led me to the ...
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  • Beautiful Big Labia - Tumblr
    the-oaken-greenman: Her vagina looks like no other. I’d love to lick those lips.
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  • Beautiful Quotes - Tumblr
    This site aims to share some of the most beautiful quotes from song lyrics, books, tv programmes and movies. Hope you like it and thank you to all my followers!
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    Thank you Tumblrs Vulva. (Source: justforbeauty, via lickitgemini)
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  • Best Most Beautiful Pussy - Tumblr
    Warning, this site contains explicit adult content. If you are under the age of 18 please leave now. The most beautiful pussy on tumblr! We also have some of the most ...
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  • Luscious Labia - Tumblr
    This tumblr is dedicated to the extraordinarily beautiful labia of several UK models I have had the pleasure to photograph. Unlike many other tumblrs all the photos ...
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  • Love your labia - Tumblr
    Labia minora, vulva, vagina, pussy lips or just lips. There are surgeries, coverups, makeup, and creams. We don't need any of these. This blog celebrates the ...
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  • Beautiful Hos - Tumblr
    This site is dedicated to my fetishes: Very large, meaty, wrinkled labia minora Pigmented anuses with a nice star-shaped pattern of ridges Large, dark areolæ Veiny ...
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  • Peachlips - Tumblr
    Peachlips. This blog is dedicated to the beautiful women out there with their softly rounded, often puffy vagina, also known as peach lips. If you have a nice peach ...
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